How to Sell a House Without a Realtor

There are many ways to sell a house. Most sellers opt to use the conventional route of hiring a realtor to find a buyer and handle the paperwork. Other home owners decide to sell their house themselves, thinking it will save the commission fees realtors expect. Some sellers just want to unload the property as quickly as possible and list it “as-is,” meaning that it could use some work but it will be up to the new owner to deal with the problems.

Let’s take a look at some of these methods. The internet is full of advice for choosing a good real estate agent, so we are going to skip that type of sale, and go straight to the seller who wants to sell without using the services of a realtor.

Do-it-yourself Home Selling

The most common reason home owners choose for selling their house themselves is to save the commissions typically charged by realtors. Most realtors charge about 6 percent of the purchase price. This amounts to $15,000 on a home that sells for $250,000 or nearly $30,000 on a $486,000 home. If you sell a house yourself but your buyer comes to you through an agent, then you still have to pay half the commission to that agent.

The internet has made selling a home yourself much easier. Sellers can sign up with any one of several websites that offer help and advice on issues such as closing as well as access to the MLS listing services used by realtors. This last feature is crucial to getting your house noticed, especially by potential buyers using the internet to shop. The websites usually charge a flat fee for these services.

However, you, as the seller, will still have plenty to do. You’ll still need to figure out an asking price, which is a difficult task to do if you’re having trouble keeping your emotions under control. Many home owners think their property is worth more than its actual property value, so you must be willing to accept this fact and price your house accordingly. In addition, you’ll need to be diligent about keeping your paperwork up-to-date and organized, keep your house clean and ready to show, and be willing to accommodate prospective buyers’ schedules when they want to see your house.

Selling to an Investment Company

A real estate investment company can be the answer for a seller who needs to sell their property quickly. These companies buy houses in as-is condition, make needed repairs and upgrades, and then resell or lease them to renters. A successful investment company will have experience with this type of transaction, so it all goes quickly and smoothly.

Typically, once a seller contacts the company, either through their website or by phone, an offer is made within two days, although a preliminary offer can be made within a few minutes. This is followed up by a visit to the property for a walk-through so the company’s representative can see the property’s condition in person. The initial offer may stand after this visit or it may be adjusted, depending on how closely the property matches the seller’s description. Once a price is agreed upon, the closing usually takes place within 10 business days and the seller receives payment right away.

When you’re ready to sell your property, it’s always a good idea to study all the selling methods available before choosing the best one for your needs and goals.