Nancy Bass

I had a probate listing that was on the market for forever, it needed to close before the end of the month or I was going to lose the listing. I called JWB Homebuyers, they put in an offer and closed one week later, just before my deadline, AND I got both sides of the Read more »

Doug Starnes

I was in the middle of a state-to-state move when I lost my job. I was stuck with two houses. JWB Home Buyers was able to work with me and my circumstances. They were able to help me get out of a potential foreclosure and save my credit from further damage. Thanks JWB home buyers!

James Garren

JWB Home Buyers was more than cooperative, and went above and beyond their responsibilities in purchasing my home and working with me to make the move out process go smoothly. They were loyal to their word.

Mary J. Herring

JWB Home Buyers, you are the absolute best. I called two other companies before I called you and could not find the satisfaction that I received through you. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate ALL of your hard work, dedication and commitment. There is no better group of people than you. Read more »

Rosell Williams

They were very nice and we appreciate all that they did for us. We were very pleased with this company.

Yvonne Marsh

JWB Home Buyers made this experience so much easier than it would have been for us. At our age we were not able to do what needed to be done. Thanks for doing the things you said you would do sooner than you said.

Annie Anglen

I have been working with JWB Home Buyers for the past 2 months in selling my property at 10813 Happy Vale Rd., Jacksonville, FL. Its been great knowing these people. They have been very helpful and it’s great that they called me every week to keep me updated of what’s going on with the sale. Read more »